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Welcome to my website, my name is Eric Vennaro I'm a full stack developer who specializes in web and iOS app development. My passion is creating new and innovative web based applications.

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Eric Vennaro Headshot Eric a software developer originally from Connecticut and now located in sunny Cleveland Ohio. He is currently a Co-Founder of the Cleveland based startup Mango, that is focused on helping colleges recruit international students. Mango In The News!

In his free time Eric is an exercise fanatic and is typically found either in the gym or running. He has completed two marathons, one of which accidentally turned into a 30 mile run, and his current goal is to compete in a half iron man (although swimming is not one of his strengths).

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Parsing the EKEventKit Description

Recently I've been working with the iOS EKEventKit in order to access calendar events.  The different entities (EKParticipants, EKEvent...) all have a description field of type String.  The...
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Yes Java Is Always Pass By Value

The confusion with how Java handles references stems from how it handles objects.  One such instance is the String builder, at first appears as if it is pass-by-reference but what java is really doing is...
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